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Several Fortuna Bugs


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this is a list of the Bugs and low performance I experienced in Fortuna in the 2 hours I played in it

just a little info: I don't have the best Laptop out there but mine can still run warframe on a solid 60 fps in 720p resolution and a medium graphic quality

- once I step out into the open world map of Fortuna (Vallis if I remembered it's name correct) my fps drops from 60fps to an avg of 35fps

- If got teamed with another party for a bounty than the the vote for the bounty appear on my screen for some reason and just stay there, even though we are already out doing the bounty and we never did any vote to begin with


- The Businesses character quality appears so low that I can see the pixels, it's only Biz that looks this way, any other character in Fortuna seems to have a good character quality 


- one time when I finished a bounty in Villas I was force back to Fortuna for some reason, it kinda beats the whole point of being able to do bounties outside 😕

- when I do bounties and I get the extractors objective and I have to do 5 extractors, the extractors info will fill the screen that it'll drop all the way down to the text chat, this isn't really a lag or low performance but I'm telling you this to know that it does happen to players with low resolution settings, kinda wish you can do something about it


truthfully speaking I decided not to play anymore Fortuna until a hotfix comes out.


Edit: I forget to mention one more:

- when I get the credit loot objective in bounties there is lag a that won't count the credits for the objective, even though I'm 100% sure I'm getting credits. It already happened to me 3 time with a squad

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For me it's was very frustrating experience, first huge lag spikes even with good hosts, stuck on door and issues with TXAA anti aliasing.

Performance is total garbage (not trying to brag, just confirming huge performance drop ) my laptop has GTX 1070 and i get solid 120fps on every tileset, on POE when doing tridolons it rarely dips with max setting, on Venus getting 45-55 fps outside there are stuttering, everything seems overexposed and bright white, occasional texture popping, turning settling to low increases fps to 75-80 but looks all washed out and few stutters are still there, didn't bought a 1070 to play on low or medium settings.

They said it's going to be more optimized than POE but it's clearly not, hoping it get's fixed in few weeks for now i'll try not to touch Vallis and get annoyed.


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1080ti 8700k = 60fps here :/ 

I do have an ultrawide 1440p screen, so of course i will have lower performance than a dude with a normal 1080p screen... But less than 100fps is unacceptable with my hardware
I can indeed confirm the horrible performance on fortuna, and just as you @seated_singer i aint trying to brag, im just posting my hardware so people can compare

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The problem i've been having with the Fortuna update is when i exit Fortuna onto Opt Valis, where in full screen i'm experiencing lag/frame skips a lot less than in browser but i'm still getting the lag/frame skips.

I'm mostly running on low settings so I'm wondering if i can do anything in the setting to help me eliminate the lag/frame skip (i usually play solo).

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I have the same Problem with the Pixel Grafics every few Seconds... In my Ship and Fortuna too (See Pictures), and Big Frame drops on Orbis  :

https://drive.google.com/open?id=1JBWXoeejlG-trub0idQyrqVBPSZshKV6   (Best Problem Picture)









hmmm, the Photos on Google Drive are better then InGame... InGame is Pixel Party.


My Specs:

Ryzen 5 2600x / Asus Prime X470 Pro / G-Skill Trident Z RGB 3200 / Warframe on Samsung 970 Pro M.2 SSD / GTX 1080 Ti...

I have all Tried with the Graphic Settings... But the Problem stay.

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My notebook seems to have heat-issues lately, thats why i play almost everything dumbed down on an underclocked graphics card, but warframe seamed to work fine.

Since the release of fortuna it started to lag even outside of the fortuna-area and lowering settings only helps slightly.


I also encountered most of mohammads bugs, but the performance problem makes the whole game on the edge to unplayable.

Basic system details (Notebook):

CPU: Core i7 6700HQ

GPU: GTX 970M @800Mhz

Windows 10 Pro

Single external Monitor (TV via display port) at 1920x1080

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