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[FIXED] Fortuna K-Drive Elevator Bug


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Description of the bug:
You can use the K-Drive in the elevator on the way to Orb-Valis from Fortuna. This will prevent you from accessing the valley and ship you back with your K-Drive to Fortuna as soon as you get off of it.


Steps to reproduce:
Step 1: Get into elevator

Step 2: once you are at the top of the elevator before going outside launch your k-drive
Note: you can move the k drive in the elevator but you can't get out of it, probably because the door only triggers when the door sees a player and not a player on a k-drive (likely an other entity type)

Step 3: get off the k-drive
note: even if you rush the door you still can't get into Orb-Valis. It should ship you back to Fortuna
note: You k drive will come with you in Fortuna, i don't think others can see it though. You can still ride it but you can't move it.


Potential fixes/Expected behavior:
Making it so that it's impossible to use a K-Drive in the elevator.
Allowing the door to recognize a player on K-Drive and making sure that getting off the K-Drive in the elevator doesn't send you back to Fortuna.

Edited by C0bra5
fixing wording in the expected behavours
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