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Help Lagging in Fortuna


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Get more ram and a dedicated graphics card. Your computer hopefully supports external GPU through thunderbolt.

4gb is literally half of what is considered the minimum for today. And you wont be doing any good gaming without a dedicated gpu. Even a cheap one would blow your integrated graphics away. 

Based on the CPU I'm guess that's a laptop. If it is a desktop instead, then the upgrades are much easier. And you can use an internal GPU instead of rigging up an external.


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RAM might help but honestly you're using an intel built in GPU, it's not exactly designed for gaming and imo isn't suitable for Fortuna. 

DE really needs to change the requirements like they intend to, some of the hardware people 'chose' to play the game on is clearly not suitable.

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26 minutes ago, Ornue said:

Thanks for the info guys

ill upgrade my RAM to 12 (if I could) and I forgot to add that I am using Nvdia Geforce GTX as my Graphic Card..I hope thats enough T-T

what gtx, there are a lot of different ones and not all are 'that good'.

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