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Garuda impressions and Change suggestions


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So I've been playing Garudo for quite a bit now, and it is exactly as I previously feared : The "more damage the lower your hp are" and "sacrifice half your hp for some energy" passive and ability are bad and counterintuitive, and the range on her spires is pitiful.

Passive :

Horrible. Absolutely horrible. A simply look at game history should show you that "more damage the closer to death you are" is NEVER, EVER a good idea, because either it means you immediatly die, or it needs something equally unhealthy like a 360° shield or invulnerability to make it work. The single exception is skill-based games where you can dodge everything that would damage you. Which WF is not by any means.

Ability 1 :

The Dread Mirror is easily her best ability. The protection is nice, the Bloodorb damage can get insane, and using it for mobility works for the most part; Aside from a bug that makes you fall through the floor sometimes, which led to me failing one of the main Fortuna mission segments since it respawned me at the entrance. Also the shield seems to let bullets through sometimes, but it might be me not noticing enemies at my sides/back.

Ability 2 :

Blood Spire seems fine at first; However, the range is simply WAY too short, the healing over time cannot even come close to abilities such as Oberon's Rejuv, and it making you dash into melee as well is terrible. And it is a single target CC which is also not worth it.

Ability 3 :

Here we come to a MASSIVE flaw in the kit. This ability is completely worthless. It makes you more likely to die, the hp to energy ratio is terrible, and it provides no other benefit except enabling the horrible passive. Just NO.

Ability 4 :

The scaling on this needs fixing/it need to scale with mods on her innate talons or something. Otherwise it is simply not worth 100 energy. I now noticed what the debuff does. It makes any weapon hit have a %age chance to cause slash procs, meaning after the initial hit you will burn through enemies with almost any weapon. Thus, the base damage does not need to be higher, and the ult is good where it is at.

Conclusion : It has the makings of a great frame, but is currently critically flawed. Still a lot of fun for the most part.

Suggestion : My ideas on how to make the frame work better as a whole (without requiring major ability reworks (!): Change the 3rd ability - Make it drain less hp from yourself and instead of gaining energy you gain a buff that heavily increases armor and slightly increases damage. Increase the range of her second ability by a decent amount. Change her to be a Health-only frame; And for the passive, do something like "increased critical hit chance vs bleeding targets". 

What do y'all think?

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I agree with you on everything except regarding her 4. For its energy cost and cast time it’s not worth using just to get slash props on weapon hits. It really needs to deal more significant damage and/or have its energy cost reduced. 

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