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Hek riven bug


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So, when the riven diposition changes were announced I was eager to see how they affected my riven mods. But since there was an update in my way (and my download speed wasn't that fast), I simply went to check them out on phone via the mobile warframe app. Something, however, was odd. Hek riven, which can you see on the second picture, has been renamed into just 'riven mod' (as seen on the first picture) and got its stats buffed (as expected, since the hek's disposition was buffed in the update). However, when my PC was finished updating, the hek riven appeared to have the same stats as before the dispo changes. So now the mobile warframe app shows what is seen on picture 1, meanwhile the riven on picture 2 is what I have on my PC. 

Both pictures were taken after an update. I think there's no doubt that they are in fact the same riven since they have identical stats, mr requirement, rolls, rank... only the amount of each stat is different (and, ofc, the name).

I normally wouldn't be concerned about this sort of stuff, but here's a thing:

1. The PC hek riven probably shouldn't be in game, since I suppose that stats on it are now below minimum and therefore an anomaly. Although I wouldn't consider it gamebraking, I think it should be fixed. 

2. I really like the stats that the new hek riven gets me. It allows for 100% status chance with a riven and 4 dualstat mods, something that was not avaliable to me before the update. I would really like to have it. 

I know that this post may sound like whining because of the minor bug, but I just want to know if there is anything that can be done to fix this bug (to actually get the hek riven on phone in game on PC). Please let me know if you have a solution, and thank you in advance.

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