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My Review of the K-drive so far


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After spending most the night doing just about nothing but riding my K-drive around(No doing races) I have to say that is it the most fun damn thing I have ever done in this game. It is definitely a little weird to get use to, and get the controls, timing for jumps, and controls for grinds down, but once you do..It becomes just a ton of fun using 360's to extend your self enough to go from grinding one rail to another, and then charging a jump on the last rail to go into flips, and getting extended chains of tricks. The points given are just right, and your able to get even more points by planing your route to pick up a power-up(Like focus power ups) That give your times multipliers, and the whole thing just feels very satisfying when you like a ton of tricks, and grinds together to pull off a cool trick, and get rewarded for sometimes up to 500+ points for it. The only thing I could say that is negative is the normal jump is rather weak, but even that the normal jump is better for getting onto a single rail on the fly as any charged jump will send you over it, and you might not catch it till the end lowering your combo. All in all I have to say it is great, feels great, works great, there are some issues with you randomly getting thrown off by things you feel like should not, but that's a very small thing, and the K-drive is spot on. It gives you something to do that is just fun even if your not doing it to grind Ventkid standing its just a fun thing to do when exploring.

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