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Various problems tied to hosting/non-hosting


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So I'm sure everyone's seen the problem where Helios doesn't scan things. I've done a bit of testing today and it looks as though it only happens when you're the host. If you're not hosting, Helios scans fine. I've tested it a bit today switching back and forth with a friend and it seems to be 100% reproducible.

This led to us finding a couple of other similar things...in fact, it looks like there's a whole bunch of stuff that isn't working correctly depending on whether or not you're hosting. For example, the host can't see the races out in Orb - they see the purple marker, but the kid (and his pop up leaderboard) doesn't display for the host. The various laser beams in bases/prisons only show if you are the host, the non-host can't see them, can walk right through them, but will set off alarms if alarms are tied to them. We didn't fully test it to 100% certainty, but it looks as though the "Ostron Standing" thing only happens to non-hosts as well.

So yeah. It looks like there's quite a few things tied to hosting that aren't working correctly.

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