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Garuda Feedback


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Dread Mirror:


  • Blood Orb staying regardless if the shield itself finishes its duration
  • Aesthetics of the Shield


  • Upward jump then dash makes the cast feel slightly clunky, especially in hallways. Dash (Like 2/Blood Altar), THEN do an upward Spiral/Jump (Like a Claw Uppercut).
  • Blood Orb is too high above Garuda (Hard to see the counter)
  • Blood Orb does not gain "Damage" from standing by the Blood Altar Siphon (Synergy opportunity)
  • Instant Kill Threshold is not Influenced by Power Strength
  • Instant Kill Threshold unable to be modded to 100% easily (for a single target ability) if it were.

Blood Altar:


  • The Dash is quick and feels fluid.
  • The Aesthetics are nice
  • The Healing is significant when cast upon multiple enemies simultaneously


  • No synergy with Dread Mirror's Blood Orb (Siphoning of Health/Damage)



  • Converting Health to energy, synergy with Quick Thinking Mod.
  • Synergy with Blood Altar, allowing for infi-energy and a focus on casting abilities to manage resources.


  • Arsenal Ability UI Issue with Energy Conversion % and Efficiency Mods
    • IE using Fleeting Expertise shows a 62% Conversion rate.
    • Casting from 1000HP, 500HP is lost, and 356 Energy is gained. Which is a 71.2% Conversion rate, not a 62%
  • Without using Natural Talent, casting while running ceases Warframe momentum at the end of the animation.

Seeking Talons:


  • Ability to move while channeling
  • The Aesthetics
  • The Forced Stagger applied to all targeted enemies


  • The Walking Animation while Channeling (isn't elegant in any way)
  • Channeling to increase targeting area
    • Would prefer a wide barrage of low damage, Forced Stagger/bleed Talons with quick cast.
    • Channeling would decrease the targeting Area, but significantly increase the damage
  • No interaction with Casting through active Dread Mirror.
  • Arsenal UI "Duration", doesn't specify what duration. Bleed?

Garuda's Talons (Melee):


  • Ability to use them
  • Ability to mod them
  • Ability to Color them


  • No innate slash procs on each swing (Thematic desire)
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