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Butchered operator cosmetics


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My update 24 experience so far: log in, try to make my operator look decent again, fail, quit.

The operator suit changes are back, and my operator, who lives in a shiny sleek space craft, commanding shiny sleek warframes, once again looks like a diaper wearing (with finger painted female genitals) tramp who's just crawled out of a burning dumpster.

We now have 3 sets of operator suits: Tenno, Cetus and Fortuna. These have very different aesthetics, and represent very different style choices for the players. Trying to make the previously clean and elegant Tenno operator suits match the style of a rotten fish carcass armour is one of the worst ideas of the decade.

Leave us our distinct cosmetic choices, do not fundamentally change cosmetics we paid for. It took me a long time to finally put together an outfit I was happy with, and now you replaced it with something which frankly looks obscene and plain broken. Colouring and materials are also again inconsistent and just bad.

Here's the before / after:


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