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Garuda's Crafting Requirements


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I just farmed all of Garuda's parts, but after taking a look at what they need to be built I feel like the grind is all over the place. You can't just grind for Garuda, you have to grind her parts, then grind standing for the ranks, then grind more standing to get the blueprints to grind the gems to build her parts.

You get her blueprint from completing the Vox Solaris quest, and her parts drop from the lower tier bounties. However, in order to craft her you'll need reach Cove/rank 4 with Solaris United, which can be daunting for any newer player. This is not including the Kuva, which needs your to be mastery rank 5 which no young player will be near.

As an older player myself, I don't mind the grind to get her. But from what I can tell by watching gameplay, Garuda is more of an "endgame" sort of frame. If she really was meant to be more accessible to everyone like Gara, her crafting costs need to be tweaked.

If she's meant to be a reward for grinding out and exploring the Orb Vallis, her crafting costs are fine. Her BP would need to be harder to obtain to compensate, though. One way this could be done would be to remove her BP as one of the quest rewards and place it in Smokefinger's wares locked at rank 4. In turn, the Business could give you the Oxylus Sentinel blueprint as a thank you for helping Fortuna fight back against Nef Anyo, saying that it will help you in exploring the region.

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