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Trapped in loading screen after mission abort


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This is related to the first bug I submitted.

After aborting the mission that glitched out ( https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1026877-investigating-bodies-quest-doesnt-register-last-agent/ ) I got stuck in the loading screen. My character loaded into Fortuna (as evidenced by the npc humming in the background), but I was stuck in this weird part-loading screen, part mission result section.

It's worth noting that the infinite loading screen isn't a new issue, though this particular manifestation of it is a bit unique. But I've had dozens of times where I could hear the mission or interior of a place loaded and people doing stuff, but I'm still stuck in the loading screen. Usually follows ALT-TABing, though not in this particular case. As you can see in the video, the mouse SEEMS to be moving around and interacting (despite not being able to see it) but clicknig on those buttons and such didn't do anything.

Video of bug:


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