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VentKids Standings issues.


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Same issue, though I am a Whozit with the Ventkids.

Did tricks for a bit to rack up some points. Checked Syndicate standings to see how much more I'd have to go. Sitting on ~21.7k remaining standing for the day. Thought that amount was way too high, as I had been doing tricks for about 10-15 mins. Did some more for about 5 more mins, and rechecked - same ~21.7k standing remaining.

Not sure what's going on.

EDIT: Welp...just zoned back into Fortuna, and re-checked my Syndicate standings - I now have ~10.2k remaining standing with the Ventkids for the day. I think it just doesn't "take" until you zone out of Orb Vallis. 🤔

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