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Constantly Missing Important Quest Information!!!!!!!


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Twice in as many days, I have been on an important quest and recording it for my own personal archives and possible upload and on both occasions, I missed out on important quest information and conversations that would normally have taken place except they were interrupted because you have a stupid and very mixed up priority system in this game. In the first case, when I returned from a mission and the Lotus was starting to give me important quest information, you interrupted me to pop open my inbox and let me know that my battle pay rewards had arrived. When I closed the stupid inbox, she didn't resume the conversation and it was lost. Why the hell should my inbox be auto-opened, to begin with? And what moron decided that battle pay rewards were more important than quest information? The second time, which was today, again happened right after I returned from a mission. Instead of getting the important quest details, I again missed out entirely because you decided to give me my daily tribute award, which I could care less about compared to the important quest information. That's TWO very important quests that I've now missed out on critical information on because your stupid system keeps interrupting and prioritizing stupid and useless information above quest information. Preferably, you need to change the priority of the information. Or you can change the code so that the game will never interrupt potential quest information. Or you can change it so that the quest info gets put on hold. I don't care ****HOW**** you do it, just make it so that I STOP LOSING VITAL QUEST INFORMATION!!!! This should be a DUH thing to change. Yet it's happened to me twice and it's not like you give us the option to replay the quest information. In fact, in most cases, we can't repeat the quests either. So for those of us who like to save this kind of stuff for posterity or maybe streaming it or uploading it, you're screwing us over even more!!!

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