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More SSX like control scheme?


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As someone who used to play SSX I’d love to just use WASD just for free spinning and not directional movement. It just feels kinda rigid to me, like I’m being hand held to not fail as often. Hold jump to “lock” speed and jump+direction to windup and free spin in midair with all directional keys. Would make the fails amazing too (imagine accelerating to spin super fast and faceplanting). Something like this:


I know it’s not like Warframe to copy something outright but I’d love to have free flowing tricks on the k-Drive. 😄 As an option like Archwing’s control scheme would be best.

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I think what would work best for all involved is give us tabs in the key control section of settings, one for KDrive, and another for Archwing which will use those bindings instead of the usual ones.

That's probably the best way forward, as it would allow you to rebind stuff to have more of an SSX style control setup (or better yet, allow you to write a guide on how to SSX in Warframe).

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