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Iritating Zenith feature.


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100 day noob here, so I don't know is this Zenith specific or does it apply to every other alt-fire weapons (never used one really). 
So, I got Zenith yesterday and I really enjoy it's semi fire, which to me feels like a sniper with no extreme zoom. Decent fire rate, big magazine, amazing damange, crits and infinite punch-trough. I was like, okay, this is epic.
BUT, Zenith always reverts back to full auto some time after I switch it to semi, and idk is that a bug, or does it goes back to full auto after wall-hack buff of semi fire ends. Sometime it seems it reverted before wallhack ended, some times it seems like it lasts longer than wallhack. It's not game breaking, but it's irritating nonetheless.
So, is this a bug, or a feature, or just a normal thing that applies to all other weapons with alternative fire capabilites and can be turned off. I Googled it before I came to pester you folk here, but I could not find a single info regarding it nor does regional chat, clan/allience chat helps. 

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I've found how to lock in onto semi mode...

in Plains, I deploy the disk

switch to my pistol

then activate Archwing and fly as far as possible away from the disk before it expires

afterward it expires, i switch back to Zenith, and it remains Semi until I use Alt again; even thru reloads and weapon swaps.


Further testing needed to determine the Exact factors that cause this.


does it need to be in the Plains?

does it need to be Archwing or can simply running far and fast enough also trigger it? (unsuccessful so far)

do I really need to have a pistol equipped?




Also, Try using Argonak


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