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K-Drive Unable to Grind and Model Freeze


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So I was really looking forward to getting stuck into K-Drive tricks and getting some Ventkid standing today. I encountered this bug late last night but assumed it would clear up after a restart or when I went off for the night. However it seems to have persisted and now is permanently afflicting my character.

Whenever I attempt to grind anything now, the grind automatically cancels itself after just a few moments of grinding. The whole time I am holding Ctrl and W to continue grinding forward.

As a result of this initial bug I have encountered a secondary bug that is a result of the first; While holding Ctrl and W and trying to grind still despite the game auto-cancelling it, after a few attempt for the game to right itself and let me grind, the entire Warframe and K-Drive model freeze. It prevents me from moving forward with W or with Shift, though it does allow side to side movement with A and D. The only way to get out of the frozen model animation is to get off the K-Drive.

Fixes I have attempted:

  • Changing Warframe - no affect
  • Getting on and off the K-Drive - no affect.
  • Game restart - no affect
  • Reload of both Fortuna and Orb of Vallis - no affect.
  • Respawning K-Drive - no affect.
  • Grinding in other places - no affect.


  • 00:00-00:19 - Frozen model bug
  • 01:04-01:08 - Inability to grind despite holding Ctrl and W
  • 01:09-01:36 - Again frozen model bug
  • 01:45-01:54 - More demonstration of inability to grind


  • 00:00-00:14 - Frozen model
  • 00:20-00:24 - Grind auto-cancelling
  • 00:35-00:49 - More grind auto-cancelling in different locations
  • 00:57-01:03 - Grind auto-cancel into frozen model
  • 01:10-01:29 - Same again
  • 01:57 - Me appropriately wiping out to end the video.

Apologies about my commentary and music in the second video, I was discussing the bug with a friend on Discord.

I do want to extend a serious thank you to DE for this update - I haven't played Warframe in a bit, but seeing the update come out has truly got me wanting to play again. However this bug is quite seriously marring the experience for me as the K-Drive was the highlight of the update for me.

Much thanks for any replies.

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