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VAHD Suit No Longer Fits Together/Sizing Issue


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Sorry to complain so early into an otherwise very fun update, but fashionframe for operators seems "off" again.  For example, now that the lower portion of the VAHD cuirass has been made into an optional "waistband" that can be selected, it no longer fits on the actual VAHD suit at all😢 My poor kid looks like she is wearing something several sizes too big and it's just hovering around her waist by magnetic force or something. I realize this was probably changed so that it would fit over the bulkier styles of the new Fortuna operator suits. If this is just how it's going to be, I don't know what to say. I happen to like the suits that have a sleeker look to them. Now I can't even wear the waistband that is supposed to go with it.

To the left in green is the way it was originally. The red indicates the "new" look. 😂😭



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