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Fortuna -- Featured Partners on twitch.tv/warframe


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Hi Tenno,

Fortuna is here, and our Twitch Drops campaign is officially live! If you’re searching for a fun broadcaster to watch, look no further than the Warframe channel. We’ll be featuring a few of our many amazing Warframe Partners on twitch.tv/warframe from 10am - 10pm ET on Saturday and Sunday as a way to showcase the fantastic talent in our community. 

Those Tenno who tune in will also have a chance to win a variety of prizes, including a Chroma Prime Access per time slot and more!

The full schedule can be found below:

Saturday, November 10:

10am - 1pm ET: DimitriV2
1pm - 4pm ET: littlenavi_
4pm - 7pm ET: Brozime
7pm - 10pm ET: Smashley

Sunday, November 11:

10am - 1pm ET: Burnbxx
1pm - 4pm ET: DanieltheDemon
4pm - 7pm ET: Whiskey_Cat
7pm - 10pm ET: Kaoiji

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The drop do not work for me at all retrieved my twitch prime loot that work fine. I disconnected me warframe account from twitch and vice versa. Still does not work. I have been actively watching on twitch now to 8-9 hours on a warframe partner's stream and got nothing. I don't know if it has a chance to drop every hour of if it's a guarantee. It worked fine at Fortuna launch got 4 drops that day nothing since.  

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17 hours ago, Vyviel said:

Will be interesting to see how much the viewer counts on these streamers falls once the artificial inflation of their numbers ends when people stop idling in there 24 hours a day for twitch drops =P

Or when they realize that partner is talking about there backside and saying things like "Twitch drops are enabled, sub to my channel so you have a chance to win"

but what they really mean is "Twitch drops are enabled, sub to my channel for a chance to win a giveaway specific to my channel"

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