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Maroo's bizarre


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Keep crashing after entering the relay and trying to get to maroo's bazaar..
Strangely enough my game starts stuttering when im alone there,
and then i see players loading for a second before the game is crashin.

(Before fortuna i played the game on "restricted" 75 fps even in sorties and eidolon hunts with random teams)
Im playing fortuna alone since the update arrived and in fortuna i have somewhere between 30-60 fps with twitch streamers runnin in the background via steam overlay.
So i guess the failure isnt only on my end that i cant join a simple relay to get to maroo.

Anyone else met the same issue yet?

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update: the hotfix didnt change anything in this case.. still crashing on halfway to maroo (walking on the relay)
I tried an elite alert in the void with a random team to see if its the matchmaking or any other stress on my pc, but no...
Only crashing at maroo, nowhere else so far in the game.

EDIT: Actually im crashing now on other relays too! once i get to one of those holo gates/junctions stuff my game is alredy closing.
No issues on fortuna, vallis, elite alerts.. no issues with matchmaking or the presence of other players,
no issues with the game's performance out of vallis' fps drops (vallis obviously running worse than any other part of the game now, thats understandable)
No crashes anywhere else but Relays.

Is there anything i must try to fix it myself?

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