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Been gone for a bit and came back to sticker shock...


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So I haven't been playing watframe all that much as of late, waiting for fortuna to drop, but I've been dipping in and out ever since Umbra just to hit some key points and the like. Then I thought about dropping some money on platinum to buy a few new cosmetics and good lord...

All of the umbra items for tenno are 75 plat each? The new Garuda bleeding sigil (can't remember the name) is buried in two expensive bundles for a frame I don't really care about and is time limited, I find out there was, at some point ages ago, a nice outfit for the tenno that was prime access only, and I come back after three weeks to a measly 20% off discount.

Now I'm not saying that DE does not have a right to make money. I'm not saying fashion frame isn't optional. What I am saying is that I don't like it when the only options that don't look like you crawled out of a garbage bin cost an arm and a leg more than everything else AND are time limited with little to no warning.

I could live with it if any of the above was not true. If they were cheap, fine. If they weren't time limited, fine. If they gave us more warning so I could make sure I had platinum well in advance, fine. But I don't like we're this is going.

If I had come back to a 50% off, I would be dropping 100 dollars on platinum right now, but platinum is just way too expensive for what it can buy once you have the basics. So I will be sitting this one out and I'm afraid I might not be buying any more unless they put out a few nice and affordable options.

Am I alone here?

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