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Vox Solaris Quest Breaking Bug


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During Vox Solaris quest you have to locate 4 bodies within a time limit.

I found the last body with seconds to spare, and when the UI updated to "Hack the Gate" it continued the countdown while Biz and Eudico had their dialogue.

Before the timer could finish (I thought I had 12 seconds to find the gate), and BEFORE Eudico finished her dialogue, I had hacked the gate using ciphers.

The beams remained up and I could not access the terminal again. A screenshot is available on request. So it seems hacking the gate before the dialogue finishes 'breaks' the chain.

I tried leaving the immediate area, equipping my archwing and fighting in another area for about 5 minutes, then returned to the gate. I was still unable to access the gate, at which point I aborted the mission and exited the game.

Hope this is helpful!

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