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Abilities are broken.


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While on Vallis, it feels like quite a few abilities are broken or certain enemies ignore their effects. a number of people have talked about dying in the rift with limbo and enemies not being affected by stasis. From my experience this is just one example of something effecting not just all warframes but even arch-wings and operators. I've found myself dying CONSTANTLY in Vallis while i'm invisible, in the rift, or while using def abilities like shatter shield. I just stopped playing because it's just plain game-breaking and I keep dying over and over  seconds after re-spawning or rezing without understanding why. Even against super low lvl enemies i'm getting destroyed while abilities like shatter-shield are on. Not only that, but most of my dmg abilities seem to be broken as well. I run a 220% strength mag and I consistently fail to kill lvl 8 enemies with crush(which normally kills lvl 60+ corpus). I wish I knew what exactly was the culprit of this bug, but i'm not gonna ruin this update any more than I already have for myself to find out. Thanks in advance. Please fix ASAP.

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