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Garuda's Blood Altar should work like Mag's Magnetize, where the enemy still dies but the ability persists.


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2 hours ago, Namah said:

Warframe abilities shouldn't grant an enemy invulnerability in the first place

A "simple" fix for pretty much any problem I can see with that would be to
make an enemy that has accumulated lethal damage count as dead
(for e.g. Exterminate / Defense) and have them drop their loot.

A beyond-death persisting effect would be very neat for Scarab Swarm, BTW.

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2 hours ago, (XB1)GearsMatrix301 said:

But you’re draining the blood from the target, they die they have no blood left to get drained. Also it works like Nidus’s Link where even tho the enemy is unkillable the damage you deal to them will build up and be dealt to them when the ability ends.

Why would an enemy not have any blood left when it dies? I guess as soon as their hp hits 0 their bodies are just hollow and completely drained of the red goop. And unlike Garuda, Nidus actually needs his enemy to stay alive for the DR, which is still annoying in its own right but I can't think of any way to work around it.

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