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Playing, farming and get nerf


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I been playing Warframe for 5 year and made a family in it. I have learned so many thing about mods and make on builds to help others in Warframe and share aware love for the game. In years i have see the evolution a Warframe in the gamers community, but have see how player have left because the nerf their favorite warframe or weapon. I really don't want that to happen anymore. Last night was the trigger the some players had enough of been nerf their favorite warframe or weapon. Everyone the play Warframe knows how important are riven. Gamer waste a lot of money and time farming kuva for rerolls to get the best riven for they're favorite weapon just to get nerf or make it useless. I know the Riven had been something the is been out of control in the trading market but is not good the it just nerf something the we play for hours to get the best of it. one of my clanmate pay 1000 platinum for riven the was good for his favorite and know he deleted the game because of it. Like i said i have play for 5 years and saw my favorite warframes  getting nerf (Valkyrie and Trinity) and never leave because i love Warframe, but all about this rivens is ungrateful for us gamer's. DE need to stop play with aware money and time like this is not good for anybody. please just stop nerfing the best game.


DE should bring achievement for each warframe and get rewards for example endo, relics, riven, etc 

Trinity need a blessing Syndicate mod 


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Players that leave over petty things such as balance buffs and nerfs are simply not necessary for the game.
They simply have to understand that EVERY games are subject to those sorts of balance change and throwing a tantrum isn't going to fix their problem.

Everyone that played before riven knows how unnecessary they are. They're just extras that aren't needed to progress at any level.
It's just extra power-creep.

Paying a large sum of platinum or actual money to get a riven, which was literally brought into the game with a warning about the disposition, and then complaining about "Muh weapon" is just plain sad to witness.
The riven system has yet to actually be completely implemented yet, it's practically plastered with WARNING signs left and right, it just grew out of proportion due to player greed and free market settings.

Players need to stop refusing changes just because it affects their favorite toy.
There certainly is a lot of wrong with the current riven system, but calling ungrateful just because something you liked was changed is just poor argumentation.

As for Trinity Blessing augment ;
Do suggest something, don't just ask them to fill the blank with empty space.
Giving out ideas is how you get things going.

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ill take whatever your smoking

16 minutes ago, (PS4)yanmaikol said:

Everyone the play Warframe knows how important are riven.

rivens are not important and they never will be, if your enjoyment of warframe is based off of having a riven and leave because they changed it im sorry but no ones gonna care about something as petty as that.

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