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Hi !

I don't know if it's here to post about that, but I guess it doesn't belong elsewhere so..yeah..

I add that I only played Fortuna is solo games.


1) It looks like the Damage-Model is a bit lower than the 3d picture of the small-spider.

When trapped by Bastille (Vauban) - you can clearly see that the visual =/= DM; in fact, to destroy a spider, you will need to target below the belly.


2) Enemies are still moving, or acting when targeted by Bastille:

Moving = it's mostly the spiders; which are able to throw themself to attack us - But I remember one MOA doing its super-jump (while still being trapped, it gains altitudes)

Acting = The Corpus personal is still able to put their beacons, or to do a slam/special attack


3) Animation/Behavior bug : the corpus personal "big standard guys with dual-machetes" were always running in my games... even if player not detected (I was in Ivara, just walking in a base)


4) Nearly impossible to do a stealth:

a- Enemies are seeing from very far & easily triggered when they are on roads & bases (off-road, it's not much of a problem because we're not trying to do spy things there); 

b- Insta-dead enemies, or enemies killed in less than a second, will trigger the alert;


Bonus remarque : it looks like the small-spiders are triggered by anything from the player, even the scanner - maybe it is intended ? 


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