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If I try to replace the Advanced Nosam Cutter with the Sunpoint Plasma Drill I get an error massage. After that the Cutter disapears from the Gear Wheel but I´m still unable to use the free slot for the Drill.

The second one is a combination of several bugs. After a Vent Kid Race I wasn´t able to jump off the K-Drive. The Gear wheel didn´t work and I was immune to damage and crashes. /unstuck didn´t help either.

Sometimes I get kicked out of a conversation with Eudico when selecting the bounty screen. Not 100% sure but I think this one appears after you get kicked out of a bounty mission (host migration). Leaving and enter Fortuna again fixes the issue.

The extraction timer doesn´t work properly. Sometimes the timer disapears randomly when 3/4 people waiting at the extraction point and sometimes the mission ends even though the timer shows that there is time left.

Sometimes on entering Orb Vallis the vote screen (upper left corner) appears.

Not really restricted to fortuna but I just noticed building kitguns with the Stalker UI theme is difficult. Negative effects (when switching parts) are harder to see because all numbers are red.

Solaris United Standing cap remains 0 after daily reset sometimes.

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