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Garuda ability/frame Bug


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About 4 times now when using gaurda's first ability in the Sedna hydron map ( so far haven't experienced it elsewhere yet)  within first 1st or 2nd wave, the bug kicks in when I try to use garuda's mirror and reactivate the ability again to launch the ball. The frame becomes stuck in primary weapon mode and then I am unable to change into melee stance nor use melee, nor can i activate operator form, nor use X to revive people. and cannot press X to revive myself when downed (in an attempt to fix the bug i let the mobs kill me) and using unstuck also didn't work. Basically tried everything and not exactly sure why its happening.  Another thing to note is that Gurada's, 1st, 2nd,3rd and 4th abilties cannot be activated either as it seems to be "in use". My garuda only had a primary weapon equipped and using the garuda talons.

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