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Fortuna bug report


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I'll just make this quick two big bugs for me are

1) Helios isnt scanning il n fortuna, not sure about everywhere else cause I have just about every scan

2)K drive races sometimes just stop in the middle with time still left.  All the hoops just disappear and the music continues,  the timer winds to zero and nothing happens.  The ui still indicates the race is still going (gate count: 14/18)

Thanks hope this helps

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I would like to report a problem with the launcher of the K drive, the problem that has arisen is that when I tried to equip the object in my toolbar I found the surprise that it had disappeared from my inventory, and now I do not know what I can do to be able to increase the reputation with the Ventkids.

Psdt: I had been using it a few hours before.

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another Fortuna bug:

The drop probability of the first 3 difficulty levels on fortuna is bugged:

When you look at the drop rates of the missions the debits should be normal drop rate while the garuda parts should be more rare.. but they seem to be interchanched.. so i got plenty of garuda parts while i am not able to level up the fortuna syndicate level cause the debit is not dropping. Thats really hard to achive then, cause in rnd groups they all leave after the mission is done and so to to roll the dice new just happens each new hour. Thats not good. The only way is to do soloing the low level stages, hard grinding.. thats boring!! please fix this!

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