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Banshee, some new ideas to make her less monotonous.


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We all know that Banshee is a really good Warframe if it's well used, like any other frame, although it has become really boring for  some reasons. One of the reasons is:
Still the same eversince it was created. Other warframe that has been created pre-beta and had at least one or two major changes with their abillities, like Saryn for example,has proved use that is possible to make a good character using all abillities, her first abillite sinergized with the second, third and the Miasma.
The other reason is , Banshee is one of those frames that became spamables, and nerfing sometimes is not the answer.

Here is what I've been observing while I was playing:
The player always was pressing SOUND QUAKE in a Defense mission, and that's it, countless mob dying and you and the squad watching it, until of course the mob LvL get higher and it start to not killing them. After that the DE decided to NERF the 4th skill, which decreesed even more the amount of player that enjoying play with her, and opting another build which also rely in one single skill, the SONAR. Pretty strong, but where is the fun of having 3 other skills to use and spam only one ?( Same goes to Excalibu, but that is for another thread). That makes my point.
So I came up with an idea of making her more "mechanic based Warframe" istend of "pressing one buttom = win".

Banshee Passive:
Every weapon in her hands is silence. Banshee now Stack up DECIBELS (the unit that counts the amount of surrounding sound, in short) . That means every sound that is made throught the mission, is starts to stack up, take Day-Equinox for example, every DMG dealt inside the surrounding Day-Equinox area is acumulate to afterwards blow the Main skill. So that idea is basically the same, but with the difference of stacking up with SOUND. Every shot, broken things, enemy grunt, noise in general, would build up  DECIBELS STACKS enhancing her other abillities. She would be a PERFECT synergy with her more noisy cousin, OCTAVIA.
The passive would be modify with MODS:
Range would affect the radios of Sound's captation. Strength would affect the amount of stack for each sound.

How it would synergize with her other abillities?

The SONIC BOOM would be a pressing or hold skill. If you just press, it would've just be a normal sound wave that knocks down. If you hold it otherwise, it would use the stacks and make a more concetrated sound wave that goes further and stronger. Plus, if  the enemy is marked, it would pop the mark of SONAR, making it even stronger DMG. 

The Sonar would just make synergy with the 1º skill and Gun Shots. Nothing more.

The SILENCE abilitte would be CHANGED:

Why? Because, it is not a good abillitie. The CC is too short, and range would just make even harder to strike and enemy whilst he is stunned. Banshee already does shot sillently, there is no meaning for making another skill that makes the guns silent  ("oh, but it does help the allies to fire quietly") indeed it does, but 99% of the missions are a total mayhem and killing rush gore party, so that makes the "Silence" skill impracticable. Insted  it would be much more useful for Banshee a more sustainabillity, since she is a fragile frame and rilies on CC.

What skill should it be then?
Banshee 3rd skill REWORKED : REVERBERATION VEIL (The name is susceptible of changes) -  We all know that sounds travels as waves, so she would have control of everything that make waves. Banshee enhance her body (and her allies, maybe, could be) making it a thin and also strong layer of shaking sound waves that would refraction every external wave, bullets, meele,etc. That would reduce the damage is dealt on her and also it would've affect her shield regenaration, making not stopping regenerate even after a damage (doesn't buff the regen rate, just making it regen even after damage as mentioned).

This skill would become a single press buttom abillity, using every stack of DECIBELS , higher the stack, higher the damage, simple as that. The wave would travel just as Nova's Molecular Prime does. The knock back would be aplied as well.

That's it guys, I decided to share with you because some friends encourage me to do it, so I hope you could give me  some advice, critics, all feedback is welcome.

Stay a awsome comunity 

PS:(English not my first language)

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