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Was hoping somebody could help me with a problem


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Hi. I'm Jarkay. I actually prefer jester or tzk nowadays, but i digress. I have a peculiar internet-server issue going on for the past 6-ish months that hasn't occurred before in all my time playing, including during the closed beta. So a while.

It deals with my ability to play with, invite, and talk to others in-game. In does not affect anything else in-game, including my ability to play missions. The problem always starts with the same message:

"Please ensure that your firewall permits UDP ports 4950 and 4955."

Now, I build computers for fun, but I am hopeless in servers and connection jargon. So I honestly have no idea what this means. However, I HAVE taken some steps to fix it prior to this point. These steps include:

- Changing my UDP ports in the Settings menu.

- Restarting my computer.

- Restarting my internet.

- Doing a hard reset of the router itself.

- Reinstalling Warframe.

- Reinstalling Steam.

- Completely disabling all firewall and Antivirus security from my computer.

- Erasing the firewall-enabling protocols from my registry and rewriting said protocols from scratch.

- Erasing the firewalls themselves from my registry and then reinstalling them using an external drive.

- Doing a complete scan of my router including having it replaced for a new one of the same model.

Some of these are more drastic then others, but I have personal reasons for wanting to play with friends, mainly due to close friends being overseas, and contact with them is very important to me.

And yes, this problem only occurs in Warframe. I happen to also play a lot of CS:GO and Crysis with my friends and there is no problem at all.

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. It may be important to note that this problem only occurs in about 70% of cases.

Thanks in advance.

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26 minutes ago, JarkayPahnts45 said:

Again I'm not well versed in server-to-router diagnostics, but whatever that is, I'll look into it.

If you get that message and connection issues you described, it generally means "set up port forwarding". That is usually the first step. It does not always fix the issue.


This site mentions another thing, specific to firewalls.

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