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Fortuna's Orb Infiltrator Returns (24.0.2)


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1 hour ago, [DE]Megan said:
  • Some may have noticed an Orb infiltrating Fortuna. Was this a bug...or perhaps an unintentionally released feature? 

It seems this "Orb Infiltrator" was merely "buried" with 24.0.2.
I spent some time in Fortuna after a Bounty, and I could hear the orb's screeches and SFX.
A few minutes later, and I see a blast (one of its attacks, presumably) hit a point on the coolant river while writing a post in the Sound section, thinking it had just been hidden from view.
I go to check it out, and I suddenly see its legs come up, and it appears to have partially pulled itself up from under the map.
It ended up just sitting there after that.

Screenshot of the orb in the Spoiler.




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