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Issue with TAA, and a thought on Motion Blur (U24)


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Hey, I wasn't sure exactly where this feedback should go, but I've noticed a peculiar bug after the Chimera update. I made a note about it then but never showed how it looked on my end. Figured this sort of problem would be right up your alley.

Granted, this could just be a bug on my end specifically, but before the Chimera update I never noticed the issue I'm seeing now. It's still a problem in Update 24: Fortuna which is where I was hoping it'd get fixed but no dice. Figured I'd do my part and help direct a bit of attention towards it, if it is a true problem that can be replicated.

Just for reference:
Running Warframe on a 160Hz 1440p G-Sync Enabled Panel
With a GTX 1080 on Driver Version 397.64

This was the update where this fix was implemented, and before this update I never noticed what I'm going to try and illustrate / describe to the best of my ability. I have a pretty keen eye for this sort of thing, but it may be hard for me to figure out words to describe it.

  • Made several TAA improvements: fixed blurring under motion, much higher quality, and much sharper results!

Let me try to shed light on what I'm seeing. Basically, before Update 23.10 about a month ago, I was running TAA with 50% sharpness, with outstanding image quality overall (besides the obvious issues with movement causing too much blur.) After Update 23.10, the blur from motion was gone, but the change introduced fragmentation within areas of moving pixels. Very noticeable on small edges / curves, and even on textures.

When TAA is toggled on, no matter the sharpness, I see this problem. However, when using SMAA, FXAA or Disabled settings for Anti-Aliasing, I never see this problem. (Aside from the obvious jaggies you'll introduce with lower AA settings, none of the other settings aside from TAA introduce the weird pixel fragmentation I've been seeing.)

Here's a short video of me trying to showcase it in the best light possible. (Again, it's a very slight issue, but it's across any pixels on the screen that happen to be moving, which in a game like this makes it very noticeable for me. And it's pretty much made me have to run with SMAA to get the best overall image quality after Chimera.) Pay special attention to the Stiletto Prime's upper receiver on my Loki's left leg, and the cyan colors on his neck when the Menu is pulled up. Video starts with SMAA enabled.


Another small issue I've seen is with Motion Blur on Elevators.

With Motion Blur disabled this issue is non-existent, obviously. But with it enabled, areas of the Warframe that are 'technically' not moving at all (Unless the engine sees that being on an active elevator means that the Warframe is moving, when to the user, no movement is occuring.) appear to blur in odd ways, usually accompanied by an odd, jittery / distorted blur when on elevators. (It's especially noticeable when moving up the elevator with Motion Blur on. Focus on the attach points for my Syandana during this upward movement in the elevator.)

This may not even be a problem, but my main issue with it is the flickery / distorted nature of motion blur when on an elevator, versus the smooth blurring of your character's edges when falling on your own merits. Just thought I'd talk about it a bit while I was on the topic of graphical issues with this Update.

Other than the graphical options I've made note of here, I've been trying to keep an eye out for issues in Orb Vallis / Fortuna.
Haven't really seen any big contenders so far, and the worst offenders I'm seeing are quite heavy performance drops in certain areas / caves, or when zooming in with your Sniper rifle. (115-140 FPS normally, but in some cases it can dip down all the way to 60-70, sometimes lower given the amount of enemies in the area.)

That about does it for this post however, I'll be sure to let you know and the team know if I see anything else out of the ordinary.

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