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Mission failed


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I have now twice in a row lost all my items (1 large,ish mining run and 1 3-4 bounty series run) and rewards because I registered as "mission failed". 
I lost several new mods, some of those new things you use to rank up with Solaris, relics and a lot of gems / minerals (some uncommon and a few rare)

I am playing with a friend, and as both of these took its time and I have lost some nice resources, it is a wee bit annoying.
Anyone else here experienced this problem / bug? 

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I have had similar issues after resource gathering for a while, I died multiple times fighting Eidolon. Because I had no revives left it said mission failed and I lost all the shards and cores I gathered even though the others in the group extracted. I was never in a mission as I was Free Roaming. Why should we be penalized Free Roaming if we aren't running missions.

Even on regular planetary missions, if you lose all your revives and someone else in the group makes it to extraction, you still complete successfully, but not on Plains.

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