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Garuda Feedback


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Hey. Loving her design so far. Her abilities are really fun to use, too. But some of them feel a little weak, and her kit overall kinda feels like it forces you to stay still, here's some actual feedback on her abilities:

1: The mechanic is really cool, the jump is awesome and fun, the only gripe i have with this is the position of the damage counter. I think it would be easier to read on the HUD itself.

2: Since the range is quite low, you often are forced to stay in a really small area to get some healing. The problem with this, is that if you're under constant fire from all angles, like in Orb Vallis, often i found myself wanting to move away but staying near so i could heal.
Heal also is kinda slow, Life Strike or Elevate are way quicker, it just isn't worth using most of the time.

3: No complaints here.

4: The charging time for max range feels too long, and the damage is quite low. Against most fodder enemies it's fine, but most heavy enemies, especially armored units just shrug it off.

Edit: Turns out it doesn't deal much damage directly, but it cause any other damage sources to make enemies bleed, in retrospect, that is really good.

I'm really on the fence on her. Her kit is fun but doesn't really feel powerful. I was often frustrated while playing with her in Orb Vallis, always felt easy to get overwhelmed as Garuda, having to stick close to her 2, to get some healing, but just ending up dead because enemies out damaged my heals.

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