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Suggestion: Make new items tie in to a story.


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Fortuna introduced a lot of story, but to be honest, when I was left to explore I was a little disappointed. Fishing and mining are largely the same, The caves feel a bit less in depth than those in PoE, and the bases felt really easy to just walk in and wreak havoc, almost as if there's no security on a highly secretive research laboratory. I feel as though more should have been done to gradually build up the items that are given to us at the tutorial instead of just piling it on. 



For instance with K-Drives. We're just suddenly given the launcher as part of finishing the story. A quest line to build a very basic board by collecting parts on a course or something using a borrowed board would have gone a long way. 


The enrichment lab is the part that irritates me. If you explore it, there is one room where they have the new weapons introduced with Fortuna on the map. One's on a testing machine that you can test fire it (Although the firing pattern seems different). I see no reason why the Battacor couldn't have been introduced here. We see a new weapon just lying there and we can't interact with it, not even take home the blueprints for it. We can slaughter millions of them, but taking one of their weapons off a rack and using it for ourselves is a big nono, apparently that's where we draw the line.

I dislike that it just automatically appears in the clans foundry with 0 explanation and frankly feels that a little lazy.


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