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So with the new update

1: Some or so of the spots take longer or they feel like they take longer.

2: Even by hitting all points in the brackets you get less than the old system.

3: If you do get a perfect score then you get a bonus(mostly important on the gems) however this perfect score system seems almost random, you can hit a perfect score with just 2 nodes but not with one node sometimes, sometimes a 3 node can get you a perfect score but not a one( this is all while hitting inside the brackets).

4: The one good thing is the ability to get extra different resources via that even smaller bracket but it doesn't come up enough to feel like its making a difference, when it shows up cool but when it doesn't its just like eh.

All in all the new mining update feels like a slower, more boring and less rewarding system than the old one.

Maybe a few changes:

1: If it has only one node maybe make the node a harder one but if you get it then its an auto perfect score.

2: Some way on 3 node things to make sure you're guaranteed the smallest bracket [the bonus secondary ore/gem], like an actual reward to make doing the 3 node ones more special.

3: Differentiate the 3 different numbered nodes by like i said on my first point but you cant get the bonus smaller bracket on the 1 node and the 3 node you cant get a perfect score but you can guarantee a bonus secondary item. I don't know how the 2 node one could be set apart so maybe someone give me some ideas.


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To me it feels much better than the old one and i earn more resources than i use to. Also, it's not just "get in the bracket" it's "get in the MIDDLE of the bracket", once you get the timing down it's easy.

Further, for me this is twice as fast as the old system cause i don't have to trace a line with a super shakey mouse/laser. Also, it is slower if you aren't using the new mining laser, but if you are it is faster.

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