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Call for recovery glitch


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Just a heads up on a glitch, this has happened a few times so far. Sometimes when I tranq an animal I don't have the option to call for recovery.


For instance, in this picture I called three pobbers that I shot. the drones came down and picked them all up (they were all attached to drones at the same time), I walked up to one and was greeted with the normal recovery screen. The pobber was then taken away. However after I exited the screen I was stuck and unable to move. I tried to switch weapons, roll, jump, /unstuck, etc. I was able to move again after I hit escape twice. Now however these poor ratbbits things are stuck in the air, and I can't access the recovery screen. It is worth mentioning that I believe I heard the whistle chime for each one after exiting the first, but I don't think it actually counted them.

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