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[Fortuna] Able to glitch and soft lock game with k-drive while fishing


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When spear fishing in Fortuna if I enter my K-drive through the Q wheel while the fish is hooked but not pulled in yet the line stays suck and I enter the K-drive. When I get off the line stays stuff for a little bit but the screen becomes eternally wobbly.

However, if I enter the K-drive when entering the "caught fish" screen the character gets stuck above the board holding the fish and the camera centres on the K-drive. Exiting this screen then leaves the character hovering there in a default pose while I retain control of the K-drive, I have full functionality of it but can't exit the board, interact with anything, or be attacked by enemies. The only way I've found to fix this is aborting the mission. (Lost a good hundred fish doing this when I first discovered it.) I have since repeated the glitch multiple times with the same result both when hooking the fish and entering the caught screen.

Link to images of the bug and descriptions: https://imgur.com/a/H4fQX2i

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