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K-Drive Standing bugged after hotfix


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Yesterday before the hotfix, the K-Drive standing was relatively easy to obtain, but now i only get around 1/4 of the shown standing after I did some tricks.

Here is my test

2404 -> 13x3 Trick -> 2413 (only 9 standing acquired)

2413 -> 12x5 Trick -> 2428 (only 15 standing acquired)

2428 -> 20x9 Trick -> 2473 (only 45 standing acquired)

2473 -> 10x3 Trick -> 2480 (only 7 standing acquired)


Also from the races I've gotten no extra standing at all, even though it was supposed to be 2000 after 1 race. (did twice with no added standing each time)


So, at the time of this writing, if I want to max my standing i need to do around 500 times the 20x9 tricks, which is still doable but is it working as intended ?


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