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Keep Garuda's Shield Up


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Garuda can be easily taken down in the high levels which is why I would prefer if shooting her orb did not drop her shield. Enemies are shooting while it is being charged and they are still shooting when you release it (which is when shields drop). This makes Garuda too exposed. I also think she should have an invincibility stage when casting 1 (similar to atlas punch) because ground slams, AOE attacks and so on easily take her down in the high levels when she teleports. I know Garuda is about using movement to survive but all of her moves stop her from moving very well. 

Conclusion: 1. Do not remove her shield when the orb (from charging her 1) is shot.

2. Give her 1 an invincibility stage similar to atlas' 1 invincibility state. She is too "squishy" to go up close while having moves that limit her movement.

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