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How I would change Chroma Prime


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I recently acquired Chroma Prime (My first prime as well) and felt severely underwhelmed, mainly through his Spectral Scream and Effigy (1 and 4) abilities.

In terms of the former ability, I would just increase the range. Even putting a range mod on Chroma, I felt like I had to be point blank to do damage. While its base damage is lackluster as well, I don't see the need for this to be touched due to the fact that it combos well with Vex Armor (his 3 ability). Because of this synergy, the damage is quite surprising with enough of a bonus but, again, you'd have to be right in opponents' faces to use it.

Effigy is probably the most boring ability I've seen. While I haven't played around with it too much, spawning a sentry turret isn't the most appealing of "ultimate" abilities. My suggestion for this is that, instead of his hide flying about, it's Chroma himself. He becomes the true dragon he was meant to be, and sprouts the wings and breathes energy like in Spectral Scream. The stream could be more powerful and longer, and Chroma could still be providing those buffs that Effigy currently provides. This would incite the support/damage hybrid roll Chroma fills as he would still need to be close to his teammates to use the full effects of this ability while still being able to take out enemies himself.

His other two abilities are good in their own right, so I'd keep them unchanged.

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Don't be surprised if your post ends up getting merged here:

It's where all rework/suggestion threads for Chroma on this forum end up, and Spectral Scream and Effigy have been discussed to death there. We're just waiting for DE to actually read it and do something about it.

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