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Warframe Concept: Xerxia the Bioweapon Warframe


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This is a Warframe Concept that I just brewed up today. Hope everyone likes it.



Warframe Name: Xerxia

Warframe Title: The Bioweapon

Nicknames: The Biochemist, The Mad Scientist

Abilities: Orbs of Intoxication, Nuclear Meltdown, Outbreak Shroud, Weapon of Devastation


Health: 125 -> 525

Shield: 150 -> 550

Energy: 200 -> 400

Armor: 50

Sprint Speed: 1.10

Passive Ability: Mad Science

Xerxia gains energy from enemies inflicted with status conditions. Allied Saryn or Nidus gain extra Viral or Toxin damage when next to Xerxia.


Orbs of Intoxication: Cycle through a selection of orbs full of toxins. Selecting a certain orb throws it at enemies. The status effect differs depending on the orb selected.

Mods that affect Ability: Range and Strength mods


Nuclear Meltdown: Become a walking reactor core. Surround yourself with radiation that slowly eats away at enemy armor and shields. Enemies that are caught in the aura can spread the radiation.

Mods that affect Ability: Range and Duration mods


Outbreak Shroud: Send out a wave sickness to inflict viral damage. Casting Outbreak Shroud on allies gives them a viral damage proc on their weapons

Mods that affect Ability: Range, Duration and Strength mods


Weapon of Devastation: Channel Xerxia’s energy to charge a nuclear blast and inflict a radiation proc on enemies. The more energy charged, the bigger the blast and the heavier the damage and the longer the proc lasts.

Mods that affect Ability: Range, Duration and Strength mods


Quest: A Living Bioweapon

The Lotus sends you to Eris where reports of Infested controlled ships have mysteriously be sterilized. Investigate this oddity, but beware. The Corpus are seeing this recession of Infested as a chance to reclaim lost ships and dark secrets


How to obtain: Base Blueprint is given at the beginning of the quest A Living Bioweapon. Component Blueprints are given during the course of the quest.


Base Blueprint Requirements:

Xerxia Systems

Xerxia Neuroptics

Xerxia Chassis

2,000 Kuva

50,000 Credits


Xerxia Systems Blueprint:

5,000 Nano Spores

3,500 Alloy Plate

1,000 Circuits

12,5000 Credits


Xerxia Neuroptics Blueprint:

1,000 Plastids

2,500 Rubedo

20 Morphics

11,500 Credits


Xerxia Chassis Blueprint:

500 Cryotic

50 Control Modules

5,000 Ferrite

13,500 Credits


Xerxia Bundle:


Xerxia Nuclei Alternate Helmet

3 Day Credit Booster

3 Day Affinity Booster



Reactive Storm


Tosinax: Fire off toxin covered arrows with Xerxia’s personal crossbow


Irridonas: Slice foes apart with Xerxia’s personal irradiated greatsword that spills radiation upon slam attacks


Stance Mod: Reactive Storm

Multiple slashes that send out irradiated pools with quick pinpoint strikes

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