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Scaling on Bloodletting is wrong


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On the other energy restoring abilities in the game (Thurible and Energy Vampire) the amount of energy regained is based on ability strength, but for Bloodletting, it's based on efficiency, which is inconsistent and doesn't work well with the rest of her kit.

Please consider changing the energy restore percentage to scale with strength and the health consumed percentage to scale with efficiency.

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1 hour ago, JuicyButthurt said:

It also technically scales with Energy Capacity, as it's % of current max, which is nice.

It is nice, but I don't feel that 20% of energy for 50% of health is really worth it and streamline isn't really a natural fit on her build.

As it stands, to restore most of my energy I have to Blood Altar a target and stand next to it for several seconds recasting Bloodletting. Which imo is a bit too slow.

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