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Monitor Issue on Warframe Startup and Tab Out


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Ever since the Fortuna update came out, whenever I launch Warframe, my entire monitor will change a random color, anywhere from magenta to yellow. It stays like that for maybe half a second and then it goes black, which is followed quickly by my monitor saying that its not connected to my HDMI. If I go to tab out (although I can't see the game running) as soon as I tab out, the monitor goes back to normal and works just fine. At this point, its about a 50 / 50 whether I can tab back in and am actually able to play or if it does the same thing as I stated above again. If I do get in-game, I have next to no issues running it whatsoever on the highest settings. If I close Warframe and start it again, I have to repeat this process where my monitor goes out, I tab out of the game, and then tab back in. The game also does this whenever I tab out of the game after I'm in it, which can get a bit annoying when you have people messaging you on discord all day.

I haven't had this problem with any other games that I've played, and this is a rig built to be able to play most games without a problem. I have a 4GB Nvidia 1080Ti and 32 GB of ram to back it, as well as over a TB of free memory space. I can't say that it ISN'T my hardware.... I mean, I'm sitting here still playing on Windows 7 because I don't like Windows 8 or 10. But its hard to know when you don't know exactly what could be causing the issue in the first place :P

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