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VentKid Standing Broken


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This one is a bit weird to explain. Bottom lining it. I am MR 22, I just got MR 22 today. I started off the day with roughly 14k standing out of 22k standing for the Vent kids standing. I was playing with friends and grinding while they were doing some bounties. it should have taken me 8k standing out of my 23k standing cap for the day to get to the next Vent Kids rank, which is Rank 2. Which means I should have been able to dump the rest of the 15k standing cap into the next rank.

I ended up maxing out my standing and was sitting around doing tricks while I was waiting on my friends. Low and behold after ranking up my VentKids rank to the next rank I come to find out that my daily cap is at 0 remaining. I have nothing to dump into my next Vent Kids rank.

My only working theory is that the tricks I was doing while I was capped at Rank 1 were taking away from my daily cap even though I was already maxed with them on their current rank. I doubt it was the intention to screw people over and its probably an oversight but now I am sitting here at Rank 2 with 0 standing and no remaining daily cap and I am kinda upset by this >.> once you cap out your standing, tricks should stop taking away from your daily standing until you rank up again.

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