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Performance issue in the Vallis.


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So I've noticed that if I load into the game, then go to Fortuna, then Vallis, while there is a dip in FPS it is stable. However, once I complete the bounty and come back into Fortuna then take another bounty. The 2nd time Vallis performance gets worse, not just straight FPS but it gets jittery. Even when the frames are stable when I'm not moving, animations are stuttering, projectiles skip frames, there is a shuttering effect.

If I exit the game entirely, this effect resets until I complete a bounty and re-enter The Vallis. Both single or with other players it is the same.

Windows 10 Home 64bit

i5-6600k 3.5GHz

16 GB

GTX 970 4GB

Samsung SSD 970 EVO 1TB

Nvidia Driver version 416.34

DirectX runtime 12.0




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monitor your ram usage while playing please and confirm (or not) that the game is slowly eating away all available ram, never releasing any once in fortuna/vallis.
i'd like to know if i'm the only one with a memory leak there.

if the same thing is happening to you, it gets jittery because the game eats up all your ram and start swapping to hd.


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