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Mecha Pulse is Wrong.


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Firstly, the range must be broken entirely because it doesn't reach 30 meters like it says. I was in Hydron testing this, I'm not sure if it even detects through walls properly because with 9 enemies stood still killing the marked enemy within 23 meters of them all gave me 240% armor. 9 * 6 = 54 * 10 = 540%.




Not only does it not have the RANGE advertised, it doesn't have the POWER advertised. The lowest % I've seen when killing a marked enemy is 40. Assuming it's actually cutting a 0 and actually functioning, I'd have 400%! That's amazing, except 400 doesn't divide into 60% evenly. Not even that, I didn't have anything more than 2 enemies in the area. It can't be my adjusted armor being displayed as the % by accident, since my base is 300 ( *.6 = 180 [480 total]) and my adjusted max for my specific mods is 825 ( * .6 = 495 [1320 total]).

Unless Mecha Pulse is literally subtracting players and their companions by 10% each in the radius, adding to 20% total for the two entities (me and my doge) the base multiplier for armor is 40%

To get to 240% from 40% I'd need 6 enemies. There were about 6 enemies in the 15 meter radius and 9 in the full 30 meter radius, so base range is likely 15m

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I've noticed this issue as well. It seems like it isn't counting as being ranked up properly, because the duration is 10 seconds roughly (20 is the value it should be). And I've killed an isolated marked enemy to view how much armor is given, 20% is the amount being given per as opposed to 60%. It'd be a very good mod if it was working as advertised, but without at least the duration being the correct value, it is barely useful.

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