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Hide Items in Inventories


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Finding an item isn't hard. It'd be nice to have an option to favorite items but you can always use the search tool to quickly find it assuming you remember the name. What is more annoying is the clutter that can accumulate as you collect items over the course of the game. This clutter could be anything from Warframes, pets, weapons, mods, and resources.

Lets take my foundry for example. I open it up. I click on "ready to build", and the list starts. I can build air support charges, ciphers, restores of all flavors, specters of all flavors, random parts of Warframes that I may or may not already have, and so much more. In theory if I knew what I wanted I can use the search bar to filter it down... but what if I don't know what I want? What if I'm just trying to see if there are any weapons I can build that I don't have? I don't know the name of it so using the search bar doesn't work. I have to go through every single entry to find out if there is anything I want to build and to be honest... Most of the entries are things I may want to keep, such as a x10 squad energy restore, but others such as a vapor specter I may never want to build as I do have Clem. However, every single time I do this I have to scroll past it. Someone might argue that I could just sell those seemingly worthless which would work in the short term assuming I didn't want to keep it for some reason. However, things like specters have a tendency to drop constantly and again I may want it someday, like Ammo Restores which I never thought I'd use.

However, if I could HIDE the specter somehow so I won't see it unless I click a checkbox or go to a special tab of hidden items that'd greatly reduce the clutter in my foundry, inventory, and even stores such as Baro. Its not adding or removing any items it's just hiding them and they become visible again with a simple tick box in whatever menu you're looking at. You'll have that weapon that's no longer obtainable but you don't use, that frame you dislike but you keep to keep your collection intact, those "I'll use them one day" items, the prime part you're desperately trying not to accidentally sell to Baro, and the "I just sold those" items such as Oberon parts.

At the writing of this I know Fortuna just dropped and there is far more important things to handle but I've caught myself wishing this feature existed enough times that I thought I'd finally just suggest it.


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