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K-drive glitch near Harindi Crater and on plains.


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My friends and I were exploring some bugs with K-drive and we managed to find a bug on both PoE and Fortuna. The first bug we found was the turbine on the Plains. What we did was we drove the K-drive into the turbine on the beach and we ended up spawning underneath the plains where we could still do tricks, and then we did /unstuck and we still kept the standing. We did it a few more times to find if it was consistent. Turns out it kind of is. We still spawn under the map, but in different locations and different velocities each time. The second bug was the electric lake cave near Harindi Crater. It has the one geyser plant that shoots you up. You can build momentum up on it and fly straight up to the world ceiling. You can also do this with K-drive, but the results are completely different, and it depends on the host of the instance. If you are the host, you can inch your K-drive up to the geyser plant and build up momentum. After this, you press shift and it will either launch you up or down. It's not really consistent. From there, you spam Archwing until you can get on it, and then you get on your K-drive. From this, you can build up rep and that's what I'm mainly afraid of. Each time I did it I managed to get 3000. I hope this gets seen. 

Images are below

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