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Fortuna: Hotfix 24.0.2,Ticker’s Debt-Bonds Fixes


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when i went back to play the game after the last hotfix i noticed thet most of the Debt-bonds were gone.

before the hotfix i hed 300 training debt-bonds , i needed to buy 30 C***racts from hem to get to this number.

maybe i got more thet i should have, but now its look like that 80% of what i bought for ticker was gun.

i should al least have 150 trining debt-bonds but instead i have 60. 

i would appreciate if you can help my situation.

thank you for lisening and cating ,have a good day

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Why none tackle this its game breaking bug i suffer from it too all my debt-bonds i got from tricker are gone and each time i buy new ones they just keep disappear after leaving fortuna even when i get new ones from doing bounty's they just dont add up at all so im sitting with 0 bonds waiting until it locks me from ranking Solaris United rep lvl.

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19 hours ago, Gucci.. said:

How do you explain this ! https://imgur.com/a/D9ijD3o 

Lilke 11 k salvage needed! 

Please fix this,its way too much!

You are aware Ticker is a time-gated material trader for people like you and me who have the materials to spare to use his "services". 

While I can appreciate the complaints for the new players it seems rather disingenuous when you're currently sitting on almost 6.5 million salvage on your account.  Heck if I were to be so bold, it makes you look like Scrooge in fact.  

Perhaps now is a good time to bring up the proposal of introducing a material trader for being able to convert the metric butt-tons of Nano Spores, etc and being able to convert them to more sought after materials -- like Polymer Bundles and Plastids - now that the Corpus are requiring Plastids for making/converting raw  metals from Orb Vallis into refined building materials for various sought after products in Fortuna.  I'll leave the exchange rates to DE providing  they don't go insane like they did with the Amber Star Blueprint.  

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